Check your Status: (ITC Report) & Clear your Name on ITC.

As a South African applying for credit, taking out a new account or even purchasing a vehicle or home, it is imperative that you first pass your ITC check. If this check shows that you have a poor ITC score, lenders and credit bureaus will take this indication of your low credit score as a deciding factor – it is unlikely that you will be able to acquire any financial aid or enter into any credit / loan agreements.

At Loans Acceptable, we have successfully assisted many clients in attaining ITC Clearance through lawful and transparent processes. Our expert team can effectively oversee the removal of judgements and debt review flags on your name, leading to an improved credit score that does not restrict you from moving forward with new financial loans and agreements. Our services are ideally suited to South African consumers with debt that does not exceed R30 000,00, as well as clients that are not currently undergoing Debt Review. The ITC Clearance process can take anywhere from 7 days to 3 months, a timeframe that depends on the bad listings and references present on your financial status report.

To start, our Loans Acceptable team may need to acquire and evaluate your personal credit status report. We also require an upfront payment of R500 which is non-refundable, as we attain all ITC reports available for you, and supply you and relevant attorneys with these reports, together with an evaluation report from our suppliers, outlining the details of your finances. This cost also includes a formal quotation from Loans Acceptable, which details what you will need to pay in order for your name to be cleared on ITC. The quotation we supply you with is a breakdown of the amounts payable to your creditors, either as one lump sum or else on a month-to-month basis – this is largely based on your circumstances and affordability.

As we work with you to provide a trusted ITC clearance service, it is important that you understand exactly what is expected of you. Although Loans Acceptable can remove Debt Review flags and to ensure judgment removals from your name, you will still be responsible for paying back all debts owed – unless you pay back your debts in full, we can only assist you with ITC Clearance and removing bad listings on your name and are not also eliminating the money that you owe to your credit providers. Even though you can now obtain new loans and apply for financing, your existing creditors are perfectly within their right to call you for monies owed.

Once we have worked to improve your poor ITC score through debt review flag removal, ITC Clearance and judgment removals, our Loans Acceptable team will supply you with a new Credit Report which shows that your name has been cleared. We will also impart valuable advice to help you make better financial decisions going forward, which include how to better manage your budget and financial commitments each month.