If all loan application attempts fails, in the past 6 months or so, dew to over commitment or any other reason, and there are no assistance, even with a consolidation loan, kindly have a look at the only last three options Loans Acceptable can refer your application to, for assistance. Loans Acceptable do promise that we do have a solution for every clients financial needs, and situation. This options below, is out last options we can offer our clients. Loans Acceptable is proud to announce that we assist 40% of our clients who’s loan applications was declined, with one of these three options. Any one of these options will bring a relieve to your monthly expenses.

My recommendations:

For total debt over R60 000.00  without a house bond or a vehicle = Voluntary Surrender.

For any total debt amount with a house and / or a vehicle = Debt Counselling.

For debt without a house or a vehicle = Debt Mediation. 

Please take note that Loans Acceptable is not your service provider company on this three products, but only act as a referral company to your benefit.

With this options you will be able to make a living




When applying please remember to tick the option for Debt Restaructuring

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