Referral Options for Declined Loan Applications


If all your loan applications attempts failed in the past 6 months or so, due to over commitment or any other reason, and there is no assistance, even with a consolidation loan, kindly have a look at the only last four options Loans Acceptable Funding can refer your application to, for assistance. Loans Acceptable Funding do promise that we do have a solution for every client’s financial needs, and situation. These options below, is the last options we can offer our clients. Loans Acceptable Funding is proud to announce that we assist 40% of our clients whose loan applications was declined, with one of these four options. Any one of these options will bring a relieve to your monthly expenses.

Our recommendations:

For total debt over R100 000.00 without a house bond or a vehicle = Voluntary Surrender.

For any total debt amount with a house and / or a vehicle = Debt Counselling.

For debt without a house or a vehicle = Debt Mediation. 

For assistance to clear the ITC = ITC Clearance, will only help if you are not overcommitted, when applying for a personal loan.

Please take note that Loans Acceptable Funding is not your service provider company on these four products, but only act as a referral company to your benefit.

With these options you will be able to make a living:

·          Voluntary Surrender

·          Debt Mediation

·          Debt Counselling

·          ITC Clearance

For more information about the four products, please click on the product self.