About Loans Acceptable

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Flip van Zyl and I began Loans Acceptable at the Gezina branch in Pretoria, as the first and only branch on 1 July 2007. The original idea was to have a business for my spouse as an extra monthly income, but also be able to support us when times were tough and provide a stable increasing income. We wanted an opportunity where we can work during the week from nine to five and don't have to do physical hard work. Loans Acceptable provided it all to us and thanks to all our loyal consumers I saw the day to day growth in the business. Now Loans Acceptable exists out of a few more branches and a dynamic team working together to make Loans Acceptable the fastest growing organisation in the last six months. My advice for future Concession holders is that we must work smarter, not harder and we will overcome any financial difficulty our economy may face. My wish for every individual is that he / she must have financial freedom in their life. Thank you for the time you have spent by paging through the web. I hope you found something we can assist you with as we strive to provide all consumers with financial and better life products. God bless.

Loans Acceptable is a registered cc who is responsible for the creations (commodity) IP and the concession holder. The concession holder did appoint an independent organization to do the administration and supporting office for the concessions operating business.

Loans Acceptable cc provides cell phone contracts, funeral plans, insurance, personal loans, home loans & second bonds, motor vehicle financing and many more to customers through all banks as well as financial institutions. These services are provided regardless of the customers credit record. Loans Acceptable and participating companies, comply with the New National Credit Act, that was enforced on 1 June 2007. Loans Acceptable cc goal is to provide in all their customers needs by providing a variety of products.

This golden opportunity for your own profitable business is only depending on your attitude, commitment, self motivation and drive to success.




Seven years later, and we are stronger than ever before. I did grow a few extra grey hairs and gained a few extra pounds. I kept the same shirt and suite, specially for this picture, and hope it will fit when the next picture will be taken in 2021. Lol.

Seven years of hard work, dedication, commitment and hands on involvement from myself has past, and with pride I can say that Loans Acceptable has grown every year, from one staff member to 25 staff members today. We started operation in the business seven years ago from a home office environment, and today Loans Acceptable is also the proud owner of a house with 450 square meters, that was renovated and converted into our new offices at 760.. 27th avenue Rietfontein Pretoria.

A very special thank you, to all the staff, all our loyal clients and all our brokers in the broker network that was built through the years, who helped us to grow the business in the past 7 years. Our success and growth is all a result of their commitment and loyal support.  We did grow in our loan product range and we are now also able to assist all our declined clients with solutions  to their financial situations if a loan was not granted. See the page, Option for decline applications for a broader explanation. This option was a financial relief for 80% of our declined loan applications in the past two years.  Loans Acceptable is still proud to live by the original Vision, Mission and Value statement on a daily basis, and it will be our endeavour to keep a high standard of service at all times to each and every loan application for the future.  

During 2010 Loans Acceptable re-registered with the NCR as a financial credit provider, and also registered as a PTY LTD company, as Loans Acceptable Funding PTD LTD. Since then Loans Acceptable started to lend out small payday loans to local clients. Our network of Brokers and branches has grown from 5 to 17 broker branches. Our focus for the next 7 years will be to open our own Loans Acceptable branches in Gauteng, and this will happen as and when the suitable opportunities arrive. In this business I noticed and experienced firsthand that Loans Acceptable will always be in business, no matter what financial implications, such as a recession, is experienced in SA.

From myself and the company, we will continue to do honest business in the financial industry. Serve our clients with dignity, respect and keep our promise to treat all clients personal information as private and confidential. We will continue to grow financially and train our staff, to be competent, productive, and able to assist all possible loan applications.

Once again I thank every single person for their contribution to our success and promise to keep by our motto “We exceed your expectations”